Cindy Lynn Brown

I was born in Århus into a Danish/American family. I have been writing my whole life; at the age of six I knew I wanted to be a writer. Each of my books is different because I work thematically and also aim to challenge myself to change the form in every new book. My poems have have a tendency to engage with the world - the diversity, vulnerability, atrocity and absurdity of this space that we inhabit together.

I am keen on collaborative writing and cross-over collaborations between writing and other art forms and have endulged in several of these kinds of projects, some are still work-in-progress and others have been completed. i enjoy travelling the world to go to writers' residencies, conferences and poetry festivals giving talks or performing wth my poetry.

I have a Mag.Art degree in literature and creative writing and apart from being a writer I am a translator, an editor, I teach creative writing and English and I write memoirs for people.

Corrections, Ill-being, Real children don't grow up in passing, Game, You little darling, Nobody can see us from behind and the novel Mute co-written with Anders Vægter Nielsen.

Translations of my poetry:

Poems in English in Feminist Wire

Poems in French in Convergences

Poem in Italian translated by Giovanni Agnoloni

Five poems from Korrektur (Corrections) translated into Bengali by Anisur Rahman

Real children don't grow up in passing was published in Croatian in 2016 with the title Prava djeca (ne) odrastaju usput (forlaget mala Zvona)

Croatian essay

Also poems trranslated into Chinese, Korean, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukrainian


In 2013 she received the poetry award from the Danish agricultural cultural foundation.


She has also contributed to numerous magazines and twenty anthologies with poems and short stories.